I. Epigenomics

Why ChIP-Seq ?

  • Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP) followed by NGS (ChIP-Seq) has become a favourite technology in many biological and medical fields.
  • However, getting high-quality ChIP-Seq data is a very demanding task !

Why work with us?

  • Long-time experience with ChIP (e.g. Brenner et al., EMBO J. 2005 ; Viré et al., Nature 2006).
  • Strong Expertise in ChIP-Seq (e.g. Deplus et al., EMBO. J. 2013).
  • Complete solution, incl. Bioinformatics with ready to go full report (e.g. visual graphs & Excel with your target gene list)
  • Just send us your ChIPed material, WE DO THE REST !
  • We help you from end-to-end with design, execution and interpretation of your experiments to ensure timely generation of the highest quality data.